SteriCap® Mini Needle

    SteriCap® Mini Needle – SIZE: 31G x 5.5 mm QTY=100 (1 Box)
    SteriCap® Mini Needle – SIZE: 33G x 5.5 mm QTY=100 (1 Box)

    Summary of Features and Benefits:

    Low endotoxin suitable for intravitreal injections (i.e. ≤ 0.2 EU / device, measured on every production lot).

    Low particulate matter suitable for intravitreal injections (USP<788> and USP<789> standards passed).

    Sliding shield protects the needle from bacterial contamination.

    Low dead space reduces the medication waste and air bubbles in injected solution.

    Available in different gauges (i.e. 30G – 33G).

    FDA approved, CE Mark registered and ISO 9001 certified